Our new formulation produces superior depth of colour and shine, and creates a tough, protective coating for maximum resistance to environmental hazards.

LifeShine is the complete vehicle protection system that is professionally applied at the dealership to your car’s paintwork, upholstery and glass. It offers you peace of mind by protecting your car from the day you take delivery for the lifetime of ownership, guaranteed.

With prices to protect your investment starting from just £299.

Small Car eg: Fiesta/Ka+ - £299

Medium Car/SUV eg: Focus/Puma - £349

Large Car/SUV eg: Mondeo/Kuga - £499


For a lifetime of showroom shine, all exterior paintwork is professionally treated with a unique coating featuring new, improved Carbon Shield TechnologyTM.

This protective coating enhances the paintwork’s colour and shine, and ensures maximum resistance to environmental hazards, even in the most severe weather conditions.

The glossy, water-repellent coating is easy to keep clean and maintains a superb, deep glossy shine.


Protecting your car isn’t just about maintaining a beautiful exterior.

LifeShine’s interior treatment coats each and every strand of your car’s upholstery multiple times to create a barrier around fabric and leather. Spills and moisture are kept locked out of your car’s seating and carpets, and are easily wiped away if any accidents do occur.

The result is a pristine car, inside and out.


A glass treatment is professionally applied to the exterior of side and rear windows. It creates a water-repellent barrier that is highly durable, optically clear and easy to clean.

As you drive, the raindrops roll off to improve wet-weather visibility for safer driving conditions.


Once the trained technicians have applied the professional LifeShine treatment to your car, we’ll provide you with a complimentary aftercare kit for a lifetime of superior shine.

Produced by the car care experts, this collection of premium Autoglym products gives you everything you need to maintain perfection with ease, and keep that pristine look effortlessly sealed in.

  • Contains premium car care products from the award-winning Autoglym range
  • Helps to maintain the vehicle in top condition and maximise the effects of the LifeShine treatment
  • Features a stylish bag that can be re-used for other purposes
  • *Aftercare Collection bag size and contents may vary


With the LifeShine system, you’ll also receive a lifetime guarantee.

Subject to reasonable ongoing care, your vehicle will remain in top condition, but the comprehensive guarantee* provides complete peace of mind for as long as you own the vehicle.

All queries are handled by Autoglym’s Customer Services team and supported by a national team of Technical Service Specialists.


LifeShine Interior Protectant

  • Any permanent stains to treated fabric or leather (including genuine, faux and alcantara) seating as a result of spills from water, coffee, soft drinks, milk or any similar non-corrosive liquids, where the spillage has been removed immediately.
  • This guarantee applies only to original manufacturer’s upholstery and carpets and to the areas to which the LifeShine interior treatment is applied, i.e. seating, carpets and boot.

LifeShine Bodywork Carbon Shield (featuring Carbon Shield TechnologyTM)**

  • General or panel by panel colour fading or noticeable deterioration in the gloss finish of the exterior paintwork, caused by UV rays, fall out, road salt, tree sap*** or bird droppings***.

For full Terms & Conditions on guarantee please visit Lifeshine Guarantee